Night-Time Photography

Night-Time Photography 2017-05-23T11:36:38+00:00

The Magic and Mystery of Iconic London by Night

This three-hour photo tour gives the opportunity to take breath-taking photos of London by night.

The walk is instructional but you will need an understanding of your camera’s exposure settings. (ISO, white balance, shutter speed and aperture and be able to use it in manual modes) as well as the use of your camera’s timer.

If you want to review the exposure setting skills, you might want to take one of our Iconic London daytime photo walks.

For this photo walk, you will need your SLR, DSLR, Bridge or mirrorless camera as well as sturdy tripod or photo clamp. You may also need a remote shutter release if you are not using your camera’s inbuilt timer.

During the photo walk, you will be able to photograph some of London’s Iconic buildings such as The House of Parliament together with Big Ben, the famous London Eye, The River Thames with its Bankside, St. Paul’s Cathedral and many others.

  • Three hours of fun!
  • Some of the best photos you have ever taken
  • Three hours of photography tutorial which will add to your skills
  • Walk through iconic London
  • An ebook with all the subject matter and techniques covered on the photo walk and the top 20 tips, tricks and settings for night photography.